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What to cook from Hamsa more

Forshmak on-Kerch
247 - 30м 10
The basis of this mincemeat - Kamsa, so the streets is called Hamsa. Herring is a pity to use the mincemeat, and the taste of the other. But with the anchovy this dish - fantastic! It liked to do, my grandmother, a radical kerchanka. Try it, you will not regret.
Salad with anchovy "from childhood"
236 - 60м 8
This unusual but very tasty salad come from my mom's childhood: she first made it at school in home EC. In our family love him very much!
Appetizer "Canapés vodka"
233 - 20м 3
A delicious and hearty appetizer perfect vodka for a festive table. The combination of potatoes with the anchovy oil and fish - a win-win!
Fried anchovy in Turkish
126 - - -
A delicious dish from Turkish cuisine Balik Ekmek! Bread recipe with fish in Turkish for You! Enjoy!
Salad "Season of anchovy"
110 - 30м 4
This salad is how simple and so delicious. And the smell of fragrant oil brings the final element. With every spoon I dip into childhood, where grandma, grandpa, nursery, swing...
Anchovy Italian at home
99 - 60м 4
I bought a wonderful salted anchovy and decided to cook the anchovies... the Anchovies — it is the Hamsa, a small fishing Mediterranean or black sea fish. Widely used in Italian dishes and Spanish cuisine. How to cook salmon at home will tell in this recipe.

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