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320 - 120м 7
Recipe dimlama very simple
Lagman "Nostalgia"
257 - 60м 10
The dish can be cook with any meat: lamb, beef, chicken etc. Real Laghman is a special long noodles, lamb meat and various vegetables. My recipe of lagman somewhat simplified and adapted to our European conditions and opportunities. The taste of this dish turned out rich, and the flavor is very appetizing. I recommend adding the radish margelanica to lagman you could not taste like meat hodgepodge team.
Lamb stew with garlic arrows in Osh
203 - 150м 4
This is one of the favorite dishes in my family, it is more than 25 years, since we lived in Osh (Kyrgyzstan). As soon as I got multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY, I immediately cooked this dish in it.
Hands with garlic lentils
161 - 40м 10
Few people know about this plant, like garlic hands, snatching them with garlic all throw them out and I cook them a delicious gravy for the main dish and harvested for the winter, pre-cut and freeze. The addition of protein - our lovely lentils, in one word steam! So, let's proceed!
Pasta, greens and young garlic
154 - 10м -
Something similar on the website, but I think my version also has a right to exist. Especially because it's different. For the pasta I use garlic not only arrows, but the young stems of garlic that are deteriorating rapidly during storage, fade and turn yellow.
Garlic arrows with walnuts
154 - 10м 10
Want to share a recipe for a delicious and aromatic seasoning, which is suitable for meat and vegetables. I am not a fan of spicy, but the taste I liked the addition of walnuts softens the sharpness and gives the dressing a pleasant oiliness. In addition, cooking takes just minutes. Recipe found on the Internet, on the page of Svetlana Gashkinoj, thank you very much!

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