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What to cook from Suneli more

268 4 180м 5
For fans of beans.
Ballet flats of eggplant
125 - 60м 8
In order for any man's holiday or a pleasant meeting was a success, you need a joke and it is enough to follow two easy steps: pour and freeze! This appetizer is for real men with icy vodka out of ice. If you don't want to be henpecked wife buy ballet shoes!
Hot sauce "Kankoku"
119 - 60м -
A classic combination of sharp and sweet peppers, complemented by the rich tones of garlic,... and of course coriander. A mixture of multi-purpose. And as a condiment for first and second dishes, and as a component of more complex sauces. In buterbrodnoye very interesting, especially with cheese, smoked... Recipe when it was checked in review "palmachnik and" Noname have "Korean", for which he thanks a lot, I have taken the idea and, after several years of experiments - it is yours now. Technology is coming to the cheese "original".
Braised carrots
108 5 30м -
Tender carrots, in a pleasant spicy sauce. Can be used as a separate dish, and garnish.

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