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Jelly wort
0.8k 5 15м 1
Delicious jelly out of the wort will delight You and Your loved ones original submission
Home brew
0.6k - - -
It is warm days, and what better way to quench your thirst than home brew? Again, acrocheck want to... On the website a lot of recipes. But I have the option, natural, even grandma did who make. And I've tried it, was enthusiastic. All sakusaku gave.
Ordinary kvass on kvass wort
487 - 10м 20
The usual recipe of malt kvass on kvass wort concentrate for beginners and those who have not. Malt home brew to cook easy, quick and fresh. Ten minutes of preparation, two days of patience and the result is usually pleasing to thereby "barrel, street" a taste of childhood. But the first time it turns out not at all. Some even give up. The recipe below with explanations and justifications. In each step the first sentence - what we're doing. Further details that you may miss.
Bread kvas from "Hercules"
396 - - -
If you are doing a home brew of dry kvass or bread, then you probably on the bottom of the can accumulate leavened grounds that you periodically merge... And here is where you merge? I had just poured... Until, until I found out the recipe for homemade bread with this jingoistic grounds! The bread turns out very fragrant, soft, with a pleasant acidity.
Home brew "the barrel"
388 - 20м 12
Already approaching the hottest days, and I started to prepare home brew. The recipe is very easy to prepare and takes very little time. My kvass quenches thirst, refreshes and tones. I have long wanted a closer taste sensations to draught kvass, and finally I was able to do! Because I love mathematical precision, in this recipe I strictly adhere to their electronic records, so now I can easily prepare a brew, which will always have the same taste, but most importantly, it is home... Ready output 2.5 liters of kvass.
Garlic bread
383 - 50м 5
Prepare these wonderful bread, and this recipe is guaranteed to remain in your notebook! It was a real treat for kids and adults! Yes, Yes – savoury treat! Crispy, flavorful, healthy! The bread never stale on the table, as flying with a Bang!

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