What to cook from Crackers more

Salad "King Arthur"
353 - 30м -
Very gentle and nourishing salad, my Association with some Ducal dinner) maybe because I called it that? Sure, the home will appreciate by 10 on a scale, my rodnoi just love it! Bon appetit! :)
Crab stuffed
348 5 30м 4
Kind of an Ordinary crab, a big crab, or Cancer pagurus or Portuguese, Saputara (Sapateira). If any of you happen to see such a shop crab and don't know what I can do with it and how best to choose and eat. Signature recipe for my husband in his own performance. :) Just add - outrageously Delicious!
Meat cake
329 4 20м 6
Wonderful dish for lunch. Very tasty and long preparing
Cheese salad with croutons
318 - - -
Enjoy delicious and very filling salad. Prepared quickly and very simple ingredients. Salad from the category of "whip up". It is quite possible to feed a small company. Serve immediately while the croutons are not soaked in mayonnaise.
Meat hussar
313 4 - -
Meat baked
302 - 40м 4
The history of this dish. A dish of wheat crackers, filled with a mixture of milk and eggs. Bake in the Russian oven. Prepared as a daily dish. For me it's a childhood memory associated with the grandmother, who is no longer with us. MB anyone interested in this recipe, I will be happy!

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