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Cake "bullseye"
0.5k 4 - -
Surprisingly, the recipe for this cake is quite popular I site not found. Could he be hiding under another, more romantic name... For lovers of meringue and cookie dough...
Cake "Beige"
368 5 - -
Cake with bananas, poppy cakes and jelly. I dedicate this cake to all my teachers! Thank you for your hard work!!!! "School time". Nostalgia.....
264 - 30м -
The taste of these biscuits is familiar from childhood, the distant 70-80 when stores had a few items of confectionery and baking. I was even surprised that this recipe is not online, it is easy and is worthy of attention. Cookie belongs to the cuisine of Azerbaijan. Offer you the recipe for this cookie according to GOST.
Cake "Capital" from pastry chef
170 - 100м 2
This recipe comes from the Baker-the confectioner, who, over the last 20 years, be baked the cupcakes more than I drank beer and ate meat (although the meat and beer I sooo love). This recipe, of course, does not correspond to the GOST, but older people who bought cupcakes in our store, they say that this is the cupcake that was in the Union...
Poppy seed cake
168 - 90м -
This recipe is originally from Western Ukraine, a fabulous place where you inspire and inspire. Pie is a type of pastry, usually rectangular in shape, beautiful in the context. Served on holidays and celebrations, one dish, several kinds, cut portions into squares - a beauty!!! Happy to share with the cooks one of the delicious plaskow!
Chocolate cake "Lakomka"
165 - 60м 15
The cake is very soft, very chocolate. My family is my favorite. Without him no celebration. Try this delicious and You will fall in love with it, as once I fell in love..

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