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What to cook from Tapioca more

Fruit pudding with tapioca pearls
149 - 45м -
A huge number of recipes can be prepared from fruit and vegetable juices. Here is another simple, delicious and healthy recipe.
Gluten-free mint cupcake
122 - - -
This recipe I found on the Internet for a long time and experimented with products, as we have in the city is very difficult with gluten-free ingredients. The cake turns out very light and crumbly. Here are half portions.
Gluten-free pancakes
121 - - -
This is my first experience baking gluten-free yeast pancakes. Really wanted to please my husband at the carnival. Rummaged through the Internet and found an American recipe site gluten-free yeast pancakes, but due to the lack of some components, I had to adapt it for themselves. The result I was very pleased. I'm in love with these pancakes happened the first time. Come and vote!
Tapioca pudding
98 - 60м 3
I want to share with you the recipe of a Brazilian dessert. Mouth-watering tapioca pudding. A classic recipe served with mango, but I did with the chocolate. Worse it has not become))), very tender and tasty pudding that resembles soft ice cream. Looks very nice - thanks to the white pearls of tapioca. Go - show and tell!
Vegetable roll made with tapioca "sincerely"
96 - 40м -
The name of this loaf appeared for a reason. The recipe was born in my head thanks to this contest. Anyway, as you would call a boat so it will float... Let the sails this boat from my heart to the hearts of others. Whatever I planned to cook, it turned out that there was already such an option. Had to stretch their imagination and unsophisticated taste. So... take a look what I got, and who will like such a combination, to cook for themselves and their families. Looking at this picture, do not think that this recipe is for a Sunday or holiday dinner. On top of the loaf is not caviar, as some thought, and tapioca. This product is very suitable for Fasting.
Tapioca pudding with fruit
17 - 120м -
Divinely delicious dessert! Delicate pearls of tapioca, with the taste and aroma of seasonal fruits will fill You up a pleasant freshness in hot summer day!

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