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What to cook from Tartar more

Rice with lemon and mint
273 - 60м 6
Simple recipe for making delicious and flavorful rice! The recipe used rice Orient TM"Mistral". Please join us for the kitchen!
Warm salad with tongue and potatoes
129 - 60м 4
And what I came to see you? And with young potatoes, Yes vegetables, Yes, with tongue! Incredibly delicious and a good combination of ingredients here is nothing more and nothing to add. Actually, I'm always wary of most recipes restaurant dishes: the ingredients either not get it or even the names of these don't know, time cost, etc. But before this salad I couldn't resist, and have not regretted. Available products and sophisticated look, the recipe taken from the book H. E. Bravo and a little bit modified, as detailed in the recipe.
Georgian salad with pomegranate
128 - - -
We all celebrated the New year at your favorite Georgian restaurant, which is always very delicious and satisfying treats colorful owner, Gia. So he made us the most popular restaurant salad with pomegranate. To say that it is delicious - nothing to say. And most importantly is very simple and accessible. On the same day recorded the recipe and now I will prepare it more than once.
The Chinese cabbage salad with fish
116 - 20м 15
Yesterday made sauce Tartar, happened a lot. Thought how to consume the idea of the salad. Buying the right products, prepared this salad today. It tastes good and fresh.
Meringue cookies "Curl"
100 - 120м 25
I love meringue, I've linked to the best memories! I was obsessed with all types of meringue, so in thirteen years. Resorting to school, I started making different types of meringues, but my mother these memories are not the best, because, coming from work, eggs she's home. Now, of course, she remembers it with a smile. This option I discovered much later! It won me over immediately! It is very fond of children, this cookie looks great with a Cup of coffee!
Louisiana coconut cake and cupcakes
83 - 180м 20
We have started the new season of "True blood" (True Blood), and I wanted... no, not blood, of course :-). And I wanted something sort of traditional, louisians one (fans of the series know that the story takes place in Louisiana). Digging on the us site, came across this recipe. The cake turned out amazing! He is gentle, airy, and looks like a large snowball. Natural coconut gives a fresh and pleasant aroma. (By the way, if you still not figured out how to get rid of proteins after Easter, then here's a great chance this cake will take as much as 7 pieces).

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