What to cook from Tarragon more

Salad "La Boheme"
0.5k - 20м 2
The salad is simple, but it combines two most important qualities: first, hearty and healthy, and secondly, low in calories! Simple ingredients, which are saturated enough, but to get better will not, and unusual taste due to the filling and fragrant herbs-tarragon. Begin to prepare for the summer, girls!
Lamb with herbs and plum
394 - 120м 6
... in explanation chakapuli. Of course, chakapuli, a food spring. Well, the beginning of summer. And all because why? All because at that time ripens rather begins to ripen plum. But, alas, it's now July to the end is coming, so get at us - "... in explanation chakapuli...". And it happened, believe it or not - very, very tasty.
Victory - 65 !
342 - 60м 4
this dish came as a solution to please my veterans. As for their conservative taste - a bit unusual, but thanks to the cheese, it turns out delicate and soft taste. Thank you, grandfather. For the contest "the 10 components of Victory"
Mojito cocktail from tarragon
331 - 10м 1
All probably tried a Mojito. I suggest to try also with the tarragon. Just the summer is approaching, and the tarragon adds a taste of freshness and pleasant taste.
Light salad with pear
247 - - 3
Spring is gradually advancing, and very soon you will be walking in light dresses and the sundresses. This salad is just for those who decided to freshen up after a long and hearty winter. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in the 2009 user Isskra called "Salad with pear "Bachelorette party" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Salad "Chi GEK" with rice noodles and shrimp
228 3 - 3
Easy to prepare. Heat is very suitable. A delicious, nutritious salad for lovers of Asian cuisine especially.

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