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What to cook from Congrio more

Shrimp fish "Congrio"
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Once in the fish advised to take congrio Shrimp, or fish (because of the specific taste of meat). And have not regretted. Meat is tender, rich but not greasy. The carcass was already headless and gutted. On the website only 3 of the recipe, one of them a soup of fish, 2 other very "long". Decided to post my recipe. Look, try. P. S. Instead of Congrio will go any other marine fish.
Congrio in a creamy shrimp sauce
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Congrio, with a delicate creamy sauce, and you try.
Congrio, under a creamy tomato sauce
95 - 50м 5
Saw that on the website just 2 recipes with my favorite, congrio and decided to share. A simple, quick recipe. Congrio, is itself a delicate fish, but thanks to the sauce acquires a new unique taste. This recipe is for those who like to add new to have proven meals. And the ingredients are the most common, and it turns out so yummy!
Chilean soup from congrio
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Traditional Chilean fish soup. Congrio is a sea eel that people often call a shrimp a fish. "In the turbulent Chilean sea lives the pink congrio, giant eel with white meat" "Ode to soup, congree" Pablo Neruda ()

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