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What to cook from Tkemali more

Kharcho from Roxana Babayan
494 - - -
Back in the 2000's this recipe I found on the page of a magazine. The recipe very much. If you strictly follow the recipe, it turns out an amazing dish - a real feast for the taste buds. I want to share it with You. Anyone interested - you are welcome to my table.
Kharcho beef with walnuts
313 5 2м 6
This dish is Georgian. Add nuts and tkemali. To those who have never tried this soup, he may not like. I recommend to cook for the first time quite a bit, and if the soup will appeal to - prepare health! The soup is sour, a little spicy and delicious. This soup cooks my husband, he was born and lived in Tbilisi to 25 years, so Georgian cuisine is basically it.
196 3 - -
My husband rarely cooks... but it's when preparing - delicious!!! All "to taste" the recipe is only kept in the mind :)
Kharcho soup with chicken
178 3 45м 4
Used to cook kharcho with beef, as expected. But then I tried to cook chicken. It turned out also very tasty. Offer you your prescription. This recipe can be prepared with beef, only need to cook longer, of course. View. Turns out very tasty tangy soup.
174 - - -
Chakapuli - gem of Georgian cuisine. It's lamb, stewed in a large number of herbs and spices. The dish turns out juicy, spicy, flavorful. Unlike any other. The taste of this savory dish you will never forget. Help yourself!
Mtsvadi in eggplant
173 - 75м 6
I again to You with a delicious dish of lamb. This is a Georgian shish kebab. All very simple and affordable, but as with any dish of Georgian cuisine, mtsvadi colorful, unforgettable in taste and beautiful in the filing. Help yourself.

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