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What to cook from Tabasco more

Spicy tuna on the grill
339 - - -
For fish lovers in nature offer a wonderful recipe of saury on the grill with spices "Forester" with lemon, lime and spicy crust!
Cocktail "virgin Mary"-"Virgin Mary"
326 - 5м 1
Cocktail "Virgin Mary" is made from tomato juice and not alcohol! But "Virgin Mary" relieves the symptoms of a hangover! In short it is what the doctor and myself, and we ordered as soon as after the holidays to work out! On decent airlines in this cocktail is served all ordered tomato juice. Tomato juice is very useful to drink during the flight!
Salad "Harmony" with NAPA cabbage and wild rice
261 - 30м 4
Very airy and balanced salad will help to diversify a fast table.
Potato pirozhki with cabbage
238 5 60м 4
Very tasty and quick patties, which fly away from the table in minutes.
A La carte salad "Underwater grotto"
223 5 60м 2
This a La carte seafood salad has an original way of serving. Let's see what is hidden in the depths of underwater caves? Definitely need to make it for loved ones with "Scarlett" March 8... and hide there is a ring)))
Cold vegetable soup with avocado
206 3 10м 3
Another recipe easy vegetable soup for hot weather, as well as the option for dietary and lean supply.

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