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What to cook from Match more

Buns "Snail" with matcha
438 - 95м 10
Snail pastries - the perfect treat for any holiday or just every day. I suggest to try the recipe for sweet and sweet rolls, which contain poppy seeds, cinnamon and a little subtle taste of matcha tea and fragrant lavender. These snails get very soft and tender. A bright, airy and light cranberry-lavender sauce only accentuate the taste of freshly baked bread rolls. Indulge your family with fragrant pastries!
Shortbread biscuits with the tea match
284 - - -
Offer to make shortbread cookies with polka dots, using a light batter and batter with matcha. The idea of this cookie I found on a Japanese cooking website. Instead of matcha tea, you can use cocoa powder.
Rice bags with fruit and chocolate sauce
274 - - -
100 % vegetable dessert. My Ukrainian soul eager to call them dumplings, but common sense does not. Bags made from rice flour, steamed, inside juicy flavorful filling of Apple, banana and raisins covered with delicious chocolate sauce. Very tasty and very flavorful.
Strawberry latte with matcha
253 - 15м 2
This is a wonderful cooling drink for summer. Deep flavor of matcha with a sweet taste klubnikin and ice cream make the drink is just awesome!
Buns "Bows"
252 - - 12
Continue to share new ideas forming rolls. Thank you for the idea of Japanese cuisine. You can prepare these rolls in different colors, I used white cake and tinted powder matcha, it was prepared scones in the original recipe. It's very simple!
German pancake with cream and fruit filling
246 - - -
Due to the fact that this pancake is baked in a pan in the oven, had obtained the high sides, which you can use to put inside the crepe with any filling. In my case, it's a sweet whipped cream with a spicy aroma of matcha, black currant and kiwi

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