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What to cook from Oatmeal more

Oatmeal-banana diet cake
276 - 30м 6
Diet cake without flour, sugar, eggs and oil. Only healthy and natural products! Who monitors their health and nutrition, while Tom likes cakes, You here!
Buckwheat pancakes with cauliflower
169 - - -
It's a wonderful combination of buckwheat and cauliflower! Amazing taste! In these pancakes I used the remaining idle small kocherezhki. And products saved, and the dish is excellent. We are very pleased.
Oat pancakes with a spicy Apple "oil"
153 - - -
This stuffing I decided to make on the motives of tasty spreads on bread. I do sometimes and we love it. And to eat well. Especially the plump oatmeal, a little rough around the edges. Very tasty and combined! Sorry, it was not fresh grapes –it is the theme here.
Cookies on brine
118 - 60м 20
Found in the book "Recipes for the Encore," cookie recipe on the brine. The brine after the pickles were. Slightly changed the recipe by adding in the batter oatmeal. The cookies turned out unusual. moderately dry. But since I'm not a fan of sweet, then for me sweet, but husband not noted excessive sweetness (sweet tooth!). The dough is very elastic, easily unrolled and cut the improvised form.
Oat kvass
114 - - 10
The contest "a Journey through old recipes" great-Grandmother Juliana is often prepared for the funeral and the holidays brew oatmeal with raspberries dried, the table is always covered with a beautiful linen cloth, put a large Cup of cabbage, meat, and eggs. The village had a special tradition: when guests come to the party, brew great-grandmother was poured into a big pot and served in a circle, and the first saw brew great-grandmother. In the old days in our region was not the sugar and fruit, the berries are used fresh, dried. Of course, most importantly, in the preparation of oatmeal kvass were reflected element of the Russian stove, which at that time was in every home. Since then, much time has passed and still every religious holiday in the Permian Komi district and our family is not without kvass. Of course, I changed the recipe the host, make the brew with carrots, raisins, caramel. Oat kvass - ancient recipe dish and fill halfway with warm water, knead it into the oat flour and rye malt, to a thick porridge. Put the bowl in a hot oven. It should be constantly stirred, the mass was not brought to a boil. After 2 to 3 hours it becomes reddish. Removing the pans from the oven. The top crust off and give to children as a sweet dessert. The rest is diluted with boiled hot water, cooled and filtered. All the resulting mass is called pesnopoi, there is added dried raspberries and leave for three days in a cool place.
Pork chops in batter from oatmeal
114 - - 4
Another option chops. A barely perceptible nutty flavor of the oatmeal in the batter gives the chops a nice touch.

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