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What to cook from Tonic more

252 - 20м 2
A simple recipe of a soft drink.
Variations on a theme "Mojito"
242 5 - -
Light, tasty, refreshing drinks.
Cocktail "Mojito at home"
208 4 10м 2
If you really want something, you can do it at home, with all their imagination and replacing missing ingredients available. Love this cocktail. Prefer soft "Mojito". It perfectly quenches thirst in the summer heat. And for lovers of stronger drinks you can make "Mojito" with degree :)
Citrus-mint cocktail
177 3 30м 4
Bright citrus mocktail.
Alcoholic cocktail "gin and tonic"
176 - 5м 2
My husband still gave to make a video about it "crown beverage" gin and tonic! The video was filmed spontaneously, so any attributes of jewelry we did not have at hand! But taste does not become worse! Evening, weekend and cocktail, cooked by her beloved husband!.. Help yourself! :)
Non-alcoholic Mojito with Apple juice
173 - - 2
Refreshing drink important now, in the hot summer days. Despite the fact that the site already has a similar in composition to the recipe, I would venture to add his version as he is and the number of ingredients and method of preparation.

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