Jerusalem artichoke

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Salad "I am the head"
336 - - -
I am the head, the bulb, artichoke and even Jerusalem artichokes - all names tuber vegetable Jerusalem artichoke, which according to its unique beneficial properties. Juicy, crunchy root vegetable with a fragrant scent and sweet taste will enrich the body with lots of vitamins and minerals. Try an interesting and original combination of Jerusalem artichoke with carrot, Apple, boiled egg and melted cheese. It turns out very tasty, hearty and healthy!!! Help yourself to health!
Chips pancake
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If so happened that you have not eaten a few pancakes, time passes and family passes them by. If you like to delight children novelties home cooking no matter how much it will take time, prepare pancake chips. To them podoydut any sauces, dips, jams, syrups.
Leucin soup
171 5 30м 6
Were treated to this soup a colleague (hence the name). I liked it, and I decided to share with you. Diet vegetable soup with cheese.
Bean soup with artichoke
156 - 60м 1
On the market there are varieties of Jerusalem artichoke with almost smooth tubers - easy to clean-to clean. Trying to introduce it into the family menu in different forms. Salads of grated - very simple. Soups - mashed. Surprise resistant and quite strong flavor of sunflower oil. But quite appropriate.
Jerusalem artichoke
144 - 30м 4
Recently on TV they say often about Jerusalem artichokes, so I decided to see what this "beast" and what it eats. Islamic if anyone wants to try it, you may need a prescription.
Coffee from artichoke
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Jerusalem artichoke can cook anything and even coffee! Such a coffee beverage will help reduce blood sugar levels due to its content of inulin, strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism and help to overcome feelings of chronic fatigue. Let's try with pleasure and health!!!

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