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What to cook from Tofu more

Beet salad, tofu and figs
419 - 20м 5
I propose, dear Cooks, salad with canned beet, and tofu with the addition of fresh figs, herbs. Salad diet, according to your taste can add any greens. Beets from the jar gives the salad a little spice for the tofu and greens. Don't pass it by.
Fried potatoes with tofu
389 3 20м -
But this dish was cooked to diversify so beloved of my husband fried potatoes. And surprisingly, he gave me for the fries even praised!
Korean dumplings with kimchi
358 - - -
Kimchi Wang Mandu. Many are familiar with simple (Uzbek) manti with pumpkin and meat and/or onions. Offer cooks a bit to broaden my horizons and meet manta rays (Mandu) in the Korean version
Juicy with tofu
323 - 60м 6
Delicious juicy with soft tofu. Help yourself!
Tofu with honey and mustard
259 4 - -
And again, tofu. This dish can be served as a side dish, but can be a separate dish. Tasty, juicy, unusual....
Piquant salad "Sunset" with sun-dried tomatoes and tofu
255 - 60м 4
For this salad I didn't buy anything specially. I just wanted something new and I think here is such a juicy and colorful salad, which was home products. Us salad came to taste, so I'm going to do it yet, at the same time and decided to share with you the recipe)). The salad comes out light and hearty due to the chicken. Will appeal to those who like fresh salads without mayonnaise)).

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