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Hot sandwiches with red fish
161 3 10м 2
I have decided, as they say, "clean the refrigerator". Gathering the remnants of some products in small quantities, put them together in this dish. Turned out very tasty and hearty Breakfast.
"The wolves are fed and the hare a"
129 - 20м 6
Who knows the tale of the hungry wolf and cunning of a hare? So in our tale, the wise zaychiha made a hungry wolf salad with your main meal (cabbage). And so the wolf couldn't smell the trick, added to a salad fish "he". For those who can withstand the Christmas post or just love spicy, this dish will be a great boon, especially in the coming (according to the Chinese horoscope) year of the stowaway. The uniqueness of this salad is in the sauce that gives it a more distinct taste.
Salad "Scarlet sails"
125 4 15м 4
Salad tender, just melts in your mouth. Opened the salad to our taste Mom, and it was very pleasing to him to be loved in our family. You can also try this.
Salad "starfish"
122 5 - -
A well-known salad. I have contributed additions and changed a bit of shape :)

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