Rowan red

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Compote "Ryabinovie busy"
192 - 20м 1
Delicious compote of ash. For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Recipe tincture of red ash
185 - - -
Tincture of fruit and forest flavors.
182 - 15м 16
Recipes the Rowan appears in a network at first glance quite a lot. Upon closer examination turns out to be: replicated essentially the same recipe, and does not kvass, and ash mash. I any brew – classic grain, beet, berry, Apple, etc. – are made on the basis of the leaven. However, even in this case, the first product can get a little "brajkovac", i.e. favoring the yeast and hop. Then its better just to merge. Well, if you do so, as described below, you definitely will mash, though vigorous, very drunken: "the Berries to be cleaned from twigs, rinse, then put in a glass bottle or a keg, pour boiled warm water, add yeast, a good seal and put on 5-6 hours in a warm place. In a well-fermented brew, add sugar to taste or honey. Now the kvass is ready for use". Ready-to-eat mash, but it does not brew. This stuff filled the space of the Internet. Kvass can also contain some number of degrees, it can be slightly intoxicating, and I also usually warn, but still he's not a mash.
Rowanberry sauce
179 3 20м -
Not the usual seasoning. A wonderful addition not only to meat and fish, but also to a simple fried potatoes and braised cabbage!
Salad with ham and asparagus
163 - 20м 4
When is the post, this salad is
Juice "Apple and honey spas"
161 - 30м 10
In the summer the curtain happened to me so unusual the usual kompotik. Summer Apple flavor with hints of autumn berries. As for the window - it's still summer, and the smell of fall. for the contest "Burnt by the sun"

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