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Pasta with snails
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Culinary poem of Italy. The most popular in Italy enjoy escargot. About them will be discussed. They are popular in many countries, but... the championship of Italy is undeniable. In Italy are very fond of snails! Indeed, in their meat a third more protein than chicken eggs, no cholesterol, but there is calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins and biologically active substances. And digested and cleaved the meat of snails much faster than pork, beef or chicken. The snails are perfectly combined with white wine, cream, butter and olive oil, spinach, lemon juice and spices: thyme, oregano, fennel, pepper, and Bay leaf and balsamic vinegar. That is why I dared today to offer you this recipe.
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Not to look nervous)) Presents the entire process-from collecting to serving already prepared snails.
Snails in tomato sauce
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've wanted to cook snails... And to be honest, this is my debut from the search of snails before cooking them. In the area of Greece where I live, the snails - a traditional autumn dish... After the hot hot summer at the time of the autumn rains, and it was after the second shower was hunting snails... Snails we have large meaty...))) and I Went on a snail hunt, gather up a little bit, so -- on trial. And although I ate snails more than once, such great again for the first time, I will try! And I will cook them in a tomato sauce with aromatic herbs and pripravki - stifado.
Stuffed snails
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On the website there is no single recipe with snails! Welcome to the table!
Snails stuffed
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Dessert is one of our favorites in the family. The taste... Hmm... reminds Me of the taste of roasted frogs... brrr.. I ate only once, when I was in Paris. And just tender, not reminiscent of any meat. Try to health.
Stuffed snails
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Unusual and delicious!

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