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"Oshi burida"
203 - - 6
In the small mountain village of Tajikistan keep age-old traditions. Therefore, the recipes of old dishes passed down from generation to generation. "Oshi burida" – favorite food of all villagers. It is not only delicious but also very healthy dish. The more green, the better. By the way, weakened after the disease people recommend is "Oshi burida", as this dish is diet and rich in vitamins.
Pie "Captain Morgan"
133 5 100м 20
My dear cooks , stand on your court his pie. The name originated of course. To flavor the filling used rum "Captain Morgan". So I thought-ready name. Easy to prepare shortbread dough, which is already a lot of for pies with any fruit, especially in summer. This pie by the way and on weekend and holiday. Meet closer!
Hungarian cake
109 - - -
Recipe from the site kulina. EN - series: poured, mixed, baked :) Why this cake got me interested? It has one cunning (not to say raisin because raisins in it and so many) that distinguishes it from hundreds of similar... Pie have rated "excellent"!
Fish in a burqa
98 3 50м -
delicious, kind of original, unusual dish. Wrapped in thin crispy bread, fish, juice-soaked, as during baking of the filling. And bread and your meal all in one.
Souffle cheese with dried apricots and nuts
97 - 45м 2
Delicate cheese dessert with walnuts and dried fruits.
Beef with vegetables, sauce "barbecue"
96 - 30м -
For those who want to lose weight and yet not to refuse the delicious food, this recipe.

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