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What to cook from Oysters more

Oysters with wine sauce
313 4 15м 1
Some types of oysters (O. edulis, C. gigas, C. virginica, etc.) are of commercial value, are eaten raw (live) and canned. Average composition of meat of oysters: protein 11 %, fat 2 %, carbohydrate 6 %, ash 3 %, water 78 %, there are also vitamins C and group B. In Europe, USA, Japan and some others. Oysters bred artificially. In France produce annually over 1 billion In Russia large stocks of oysters are in the Black and Japanese seas.
Oysters with two sauces "September to April"
119 - 20м 2
For many hundreds of years, oysters are a coveted delicacy on the tables in different countries. And the same time there are people who don't want them to even try. Anyway, this product is not only unique taste, but also a great source of vitamins, minerals and protein. *This dish is not a snack, but unfortunately, a suitable destination is not in the list. This dish is basic.
115 - 75м 8
Paella from BEKO.
Oysters with pickled ginger and lemon
88 - 5м -
It is an exotic dish in Russia, but suddenly You find oysters, you try this option (unless of course You like raw seafood)!

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