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What to cook from Duck more

Soup-soup of wild duck
408 5 50м 5
For The Lion.
Duck grilled in cranberry marinade
387 5 40м -
In the hustle and bustle of urban life as it is rarely possible to gather the whole family, pour a glass of good wine, to have a leisurely talk and in a hurry. This Saturday for dinner I cooked duck fillet under a very interesting marinade. With crispy salad and "ringing" flavors of pomegranate, the duck was simply delicious. Come visit - will be served!
Coconut duck gig
329 - 90м -
Hi all. Indoda different minimum fat content in the carcass and excellent tender meat. The idea to mix it with coconut milk, add some apples and corn on the cob and that's what came out of it. All elementary and simple. Especially the recipe suitable for cooking on the air, but in the oven it will be as beautiful.
Pilaf with duck
329 - 90м 6
Friends want to share with you videorecipes pilaf with duck. Never cook risotto with this bird. Surprisingly the risotto turned out very juicy and fatty. So I share with you the recipe of this dish. Good luck cooking and enjoy your meal
Crispy duck breast
313 - 40м 2
Crispy on the outside and pink inside duck breast. Found on the Internet. Original used Chinese seasoning 5 spices, but I'm kind of mixed. I want to say that one little breast (the marinade is enough for two), because after steaming it with 400 gr decreased to 270 gr.
New year's baby duck in soy sauce
308 - 120м 4
In my family tradition for New Year to bake a goose. But my kids, everything, including polutorogodovalogo I love roasted duck. So I decided to allocate children their Christmas meal. Duck turns fragrant, soft, crisp, no excess fat and spices.

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