Soy milk

What to cook from Soy milk more

Chia pudding with granola and fruit
281 - 840м 4
Incredibly delicious and healthy dessert which is very simple to prepare. Be sure to try. You will not regret.
Tiramisu for vegans
266 - 20м 4
Interesting interpretation of the classic Italian recipe. In fact, sweet flummery and cookies, but from restaurant tiramisu indistinguishable! The cream turns thick and rich... mmmmm... very tasty!
Low-calorie muffins with rhubarb
265 4.5 45м 16
One muffin 175 calories. Despite the small amount of oil, the cupcakes are not made of rubber, and lush and tender. Very tasty with milk and strawberry jam.
Braids fish in soy sauce
252 - 60м 4
I offer the fish in an unusual design - in the form of KOs. Dish will not require a lot of time and effort, you can decorate your table for a cozy family dinner. And soy sauce, KIKKOMAN will give the fish and the sauce a nice, spicy flavor and aroma.
Lean yum-Namiki
199 - 20м -
Reading about what you can do with normal dryers, I was inspired and made your Lenten option! it turned out amazing)))
Tomato bread
185 - 50м 1
Vegan option of bread: airy, fragrant, without yeast.

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