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What to cook from Dorado more

Baked Dorada
144 - 35м 4
Blanca is a very tasty fish, meat is dense, sweet, almost no bones. So to cook it is not difficult and the result is excellent. I suggest you try the bream for this recipe. It turns out very fragrant and tasty.
Dorado in Greek
138 - 50м 2
Hello girls, boys! Haven't posted recipes. But still found the time. Discovered the Dorado. Not the cheapest, but not salmon or trout. Relatively affordable. I present to You one of my favorite variations of its preparation. Similarly can be prepared, for example, sea bass, or fish easier, such as carp or big carp. Found on the Internet under this name, but as far as this Greek dish is not certain, so the national cuisine will not specify.
Blanca "goldfish" with a cottage cheese filling
119 - 30м 2
Delicious and healthy fish cooking which will not take you much time. "Golden" the color of the fish will give with the help of turmeric.
Dorada with herbs
118 - 15м 2
Lightweight in the preparation of dietary fish
Risotto with bream and pumpkin flowers
117 - 60м 4
In Italy on Christmas Eve, many families prepare dishes from fish and seafood. Offer to cook risotto with Dorado, it turns out very tender, delicious, flowers, pumpkins give it a special charm, but if they don't sell You, you can make risotto without them. Help yourself!
Bream with thyme and sage
110 - 50м 4
Great fish Dorado, or as it is called Dorada (both correctly) requires a delicate approach. Like any lady of noble, Dorado suffers the presence of only those herbs and spices that can set off its self-esteem. I cook it at the same time, in the same pan in two ways. What do you need?

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