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What to cook from Feijoa more

Cupcake "Fusion"
208 - 80м 8
Delicious cake with crushed pistachio nuts, a layer of feijoas, mashed with sugar, cinnamon and chocolate icing with grated Apple. Very interesting taste and refreshing aroma.
Jelly feijoa and Apple
201 - - -
Definitely useful and a vitamin drink, with incredible flavor and extraordinary taste.
Dessert layers
185 - 80м 3
This dessert is very easy to prepare, and how tasty...
Tea with feijoa and cranberry
185 - - -
A great healthy and fragrant drink 2 to 1. Hot invigorating, in a cold refreshing.
184 - - -
Feijoa is a storehouse of iodine! The drink of this fruit is very tasty and useful!!! The feijoa fruit is used in cooking, preparing fruit drinks, soft drinks, preserves, jams, and salads, after cleaning the milled and mixed with honey or sugar (without further canning, ready to eat immediately, one of the easiest ways of cooking) use for the filling in cooking and eaten raw. Is used in dietary nutrition of patients!
158 - 120м 3
Oddly enough, the chicken makes a great compote. Very tasty! If you have a pound of berries feijoa, I suggest to cook from them compote. Absolutely delicious, especially if you open the jars with compote in winter.

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