What to cook from Physalis more

Cheese plate
291 5 10м 1
Tart with caramel yogurt and physalis
170 - - -
Crispy batter and soft baked yoghurt cream with physalis and grapes! This tart disappear from the table faster than you cut!
Chocolate cake
169 3 90м 12
Well, another very chocolate, very nutty, very beautiful, very easy to prepare and long-lasting cake :)
Stuffed tomatoes with cottage cheese and fish fillings + dessert
159 5 30м 4
Light and fresh appetizer for the holiday table or an ordinary family dinner. Two kinds of filling in this appetizer, diversify your table. Would be a surprise dessert!
Fresh fruit in chocolate fondue
128 4 30м 4
Delicious fresh and healthy dessert for adults and children. Fruit for dessert, you can use any bananas, kiwi, strawberries, cherries, oranges.... "Fondu" - rustavshi, melted (franс). I wish you all health and good mood!
Banana walnut cake
128 - - -
Banana walnut cake which includes the flour of quinoa, the most nutritious, but so far little-known grain in the world.

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