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Turkish pide with cheese
400 - 20м -
Pide is a traditional Turkish cake in the shape of boats with the stuffing. Pide dough is very tender and not dry, and minced meat its delicious. Always, when you want to treat yourself to a pide, make this recipe. I invite all lovers of pide and those who have not tried have to bake! Will be happy with the result!!!
Salad with arugula in Chinese "Dandelions"
324 - 10м 2
Very long time I want to share with you the recipe for this salad. We in the far East it is on the menu in all Chinese caterers. My sister's family - his great admirers, I order all the time. For a long time she was ignorant and believed that it really is from the leaves of a dandelion, until I opened her eyes, that is arugula. Prepared quickly. I like it because it is fully suitable for my diet. Salad from the category "negative calorie". As the saying goes: spend more energy chewing than you get from it calories.
Tige from the heads of halibut
323 - 30м 6
For lovers of Korean cuisine. In Korean cooking there is a variety of dishes that are called Tige. Something like a thick soup or stew. This is usually meat or fish with vegetables. Tige can be the main dish on the table. It is possible to prepare any of the fish pieces or fillets. But I like most of the heads of halibut. Halibut fish delicacy, the bad fat. And in the head of halibut a lot of bones and hryaschikov, so that the broth turns out great! Soup I cook for a long time. It is light but filling. Especially good after the holidays. This time I added in the recipe of a cabbage.
Warm winter salad
242 - 20м 6
A hearty salad of pork, cheese and hot mushrooms. Served with original sauce.
Chicken with chestnuts
241 3 120м 4
The recipe for this dish gave me one colleague Donna Emilia :) Now we call this dish - the chicken from Donna Emilia. Pasta pepper here is sold in all stores, its in Portugal, used for many dishes, but thanks to the scullion from our site Nadia, I made it myself. Only by replacing hot peppers, red sweet Bulgarian. Nadia, thank you so much! Now can please home simply divine things :) Chestnuts in ancient times was the main and most widely used starch and containing the product in Europe before the advent of the potato. The taste is reminiscent of chestnut potatoes, only a little denser and sweeter. Recently in a local culinary magazine I read that for this recipe in Portugal decided to do a pheasant.
Zucchini stew
234 - 40м 4
The zucchini brought to Russia in the early 19th century from Turkey and Greece. Today will introduce you to the zucchini in Turkish.

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