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Cauliflower sauce "Bechamel"
405 3.5 30м 4
Very tasty cabbage. Recommend.
Pasta differently
184 - - -
Pasta differently. Pasta this recipe came out delicious. Cook, I think You'll like it too.
Pizza Sovetiko
163 - 60м 12
Pizza Sovietico My favorite recipe is a simple Italian peasant pizza in an old gas oven. If you use mozzarella, you can greatly improve the taste of food. A delicious dish from the available ingredients. In Soviet stove ELEKTRA. Hence the name - "pizza the Soviet". Something like that :)
Moussaka "Greece"
149 - 90м 8
It so happened that within 3 weeks my family and I in the beautiful and still warm in Greece. This isn't my first visit, and the moussaka is my old Love. But this time with me 5 month old daughter and walking around the taverns and eating this magical food is almost impossible. Well, here we do not like the restaurants ); So I decided to cook moussaka at home. Similar recipe on the website is not found. Based on the recipe from Greek forum and slightly adapted. Share result.
Pancake pie with chicken and mushrooms
147 - - -
I'm not a big fan of the cold pancakes. Neither the cakes nor the appetizers not so much. But pancake hot cakes very much. Delicate pancakes with a slightly crispy crust, a juicy flavorful filling. Here you all at once-for every taste! Plus, sirrrrrrr -enough to taste more. Walk, soul Pancake week! Hearty and festive!
130 - - -
Moussaka - a dish of Greek cuisine, which includes eggplants. But sometimes you can put other vegetables such as potatoes and zucchini. Moussaka is a casserole whose ingredients are laid out in layers. To cook moussaka can be any ground meat (pork, beef, chicken) or make a simple vegetable moussaka - vegetarian.

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