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Pea soup with meatballs
259 - 40м 9
Greetings to all, friends. Today's lunch will be pea soup in chicken broth with meatballs that we cooked yesterday, I will give a link below.
Quick easy soup
234 3 40м 10
This recipe will be of interest to busy moms and also those who for various reasons prefer light or diet food. Speed is achieved by early harvesting (frozen) meatballs, shredded beets and carrots.
Pie with meatballs
231 - 60м -
The basic idea of the recipe found on the website "Good food" as always, something changed, something added... And that's what happened! Help yourself to health! Very nourishing and unusual dish for a family dinner. Quick and tasty!
Pickle with mushrooms and meatballs
228 - - -
Classic pickle will play new notes when adding mushrooms and meatballs. Nourishing, hearty, delicious!
Potatoes with meatballs in pots at home
218 - 70м 3
Useful and tasty dish for lunch or dinner. Very like my daughter. Meatballs made of Turkey and potatoes.
Meatballs with potatoes and beans in sauce
205 - 110м 4
I bought once in the butcher shop of all sorts of meats. products, of course from the meat). My eye was already prepared meatballs. Thought I'll take useful. House froze them and forgot. And then, after a while of me asking family if not your freaks in the freezer serving time? Say my. Remove pliz defrost-) Came home and decided to stir up the natural Spud with meatballs.

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