Bird cherry flour

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Biscuits "Nuovo cherry Amaretti"
221 - 40м 42
The Siberian variant of the widely known Italian cookie "Amaretti".
Lean cherry pie cake
181 - - 5
On this divine nutty taste of cherry... like I'm mad about it, and in combination with black currant jam... I Give my word, he will not leave you indifferent.
Bread "Lean" cherry-malt
181 - - -
Delicious, flavorful, absolutely stunning with the cherry bread flour and rye malt. Crisp, the crumb soft and tender. Bread with a subtle delicate hint of almond, which gives the bird-cherry flour. The consistency of the bread is like toast. Ideal for first and second dishes, but also good for sandwiches. Help yourself!
Brownie cherry chocolate “Velvet night”
178 - - -
This recipe is for lovers supercollege pastries without cream. Brownies mouth-watering aromas of almonds, rum and chocolate is literally to die for! Absolutely not a dry, silky-moist, very tasty. Bake the cake in advance, under the hood it in a cool place quietly stand for a couple of days and will be even more fragrant!
Cherry pancake cake with curd cream
172 - - -
Once I became the owner of bird-cherry flour, thanks to my cooking maid of Oksanochka OGIWAY. I just fell in love with the nutty flavor of this flour. And when I found it in the sale in our town, so I was in seventh heaven. Want to offer a cake of bird-cherry pancakes with cottage cheese and pineapple cream
Cherry cookies
156 - 40м 35
Bird cherry flour for our region - a gimmick. But a year ago, seeing a recipe using this ingredient, I'm just envious sigh, now, on the contrary, purposefully searching for where to apply the product. Interestingly, the Cook several options of muffins, cakes and even desserts, which uses bird-cherry flour, but no cookie recipe. Correct!

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