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Grog "falling leaves"
253 - 20м 1
Autumn time - though "the eyes", but still, in essence, "sad time". Need something to cheer up, keep warm and feel full joy of life! And what could be better than a light hop flavored hot drink such as grog?
Punch-jelly "Beer mug"
242 - - -
This dessert is a joke seriously delicious and grown-up. Fragrant sour-sweet jelly with a flavor of wine and milk "foam" with a taste of coconut liqueur –great combination! You can remove the alcohol by replacing the volume of fruit juice without pulp or water, and dessert so happy to eat children. Of course, a children's version should not be issued under a mug of beer. And a little joke on friends, say, on February 23 – it is appropriate!
Cocktail "Indian summer"
232 - 20м 1
In Primorye from China came Typhoon Sanba. Pouring rain, cold and disgusting. And so I wanted something warm, to please themselves. So impromptu came into this cocktail, just mix all your favorite drinks. This cocktail I dedicate to all my girlfriends.
Fake sprats of herring in a slow cooker
229 - - -
This fish on our family table a very frequent visitor. Delicious, easy, and looking at the price of sprat in the Bank and profitable :) you Can cook on the stove and in the oven.
Chicken drumsticks with smoked flavour
214 - - -
Spring comes into its own and absolutely have on nature, on picnics and barbecues. And the weather yet. We have the warming will begin again the fires and the entrance to the forest will be limited...so now and miss the picnic? Of course not! At home you can cook juicy smoked drumsticks, Golden-ruddy and the taste is not inferior impregnated with smoke from a fire! Or not to use liquid smoke, everyone decides for himself. I use rarely, but this recipe is good, in addition to flavor, because the pot is then easy to wash in contrast to use onion skin for this purpose. You don't have to collect and accumulate.
Cocktail tea
207 3.7 30м 1
There are rules of tea brewing. But we all know that rules are made to be broken. And when brewing tea the traditional way gets a little boring, you can come up with a new method. Offer to make tea is not only delicious and healthy (we know about the benefits of green tea are many), but delicious and healthy doubly, plus the original.

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