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Liverwort buckwheat
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My family loves liver. However, everyone likes something different. The middle son loves the tabs from the liver with onions, Junior loves liver with mushrooms in sour cream, dad all prefer pate. But there is an option that suits everyone – the liverworts. Any dish with liver stuffing is good, though the pancakes cook, even the meatballs, though, simply bake pie casserole – the same liverwort. And with buckwheat liver is an excellent pair, and the mushrooms not extra. To separately not to bother, will do – and immediately! Besides – be quick! Because cereal we have not become –and take the cereal from buckwheat "Mistral"!
Bread with buckwheat cereal, and Apple
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Bread with buckwheat cereal and Apple allow you to get enough of without harm to the figures and, more importantly, are gluten free. These crispy cakes are good as a Cup of morning tea or coffee, or as a healthy snack that you can take with you to work!
Omelet soufflé with buckwheat flakes "Breakfast!"
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Breakfast, which is pretty fast and easy. Omelet souffle cooked in the oven, with the addition of buckwheat cereal. Delicate, light, airy and nutritious Breakfast is the key to a successful day. And in the morning before the working day you can arrange a romantic Breakfast and therefore a wonderful mood You provided throughout the day.
Dessert for Breakfast of buckwheat flakes
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The low-calorie cereals - buckwheat. The taste of buckwheat flakes goes well with almost all the products of them can make not only a delicious side dish, but also diet, delicate dessert for Breakfast.
Buckwheat casserole with sausage links topped with tomato crust
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Fragrant casserole of buckwheat flakes of TM "Mistral" with fried vegetables in tomato sauce and delicious sausage with cheese-tomato crust will appeal especially to children. Quick, tasty and fragrant!
Buckwheat porridge with halvah and dates
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The simplest recipe for a quick Breakfast for the sweet tooth! Porridge made of buckwheat flakes with Arabic notes in the taste, which give the halva and dates! Suitable for post.

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