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What to cook from Pectin more

The Petit fours
0.6k - - -
Pituri is assorted different small cookies, or cakes that are often prepared from the same dough, but different in design and additives. Most Petit fours are preparing of biscuit and pastry, filling different fillings and decorated with cream or frosting. These mini-meals designed just for one bite. I suggest the Petit fours with apricots and poppy seeds. A recipe from a magazine Bread Salt. Of this amount, the test I got 25. But I had the middle of the form. If you take small. that's about 35 pieces.
Chocolate Muscovy cake from Adriano Zumbo
304 - 360м 16
Then, finally, ended our festival, and then, finally, I came to the works of Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. Information taken from the website of Nina Nixie, because more in the Russian language Internet information about this cake was nowhere to be found. And Nina thank you so much for Russification of these masterpieces! About the taste of this cake too, especially I will not say, simply quote: "Dessert is unusual and original, tender and very tasty. The cake consists of a soft, almost airy mousse without gelatin, sweet Apple layer and thick layer of salted caramel. This caramel and apples combined with a rich chocolate taste, a delicate sponge cake and crunchy base sand spicy cake, have an amazing ability to capture your attention so much that you lose track of time while you enjoy every bite"... no More running! Meet Muscovy Chocolate cake!
Jam jelly with rose wine
284 - - -
Unusual dessert for adults. Nice as it is in itself, and as Supplement in other dishes.
Mint-lime jam from Gumi
275 - - -
Offer you to try incredibly flavorful jam made with exotic berries Gumi. The jam has a very extraordinary taste, has a delightful bouquet of mint and lime flavors and has a thick consistency and does not flow. The recipe author.
Apple slices in grape jelly
192 - 20м 6
Very simple, quick but delicious and fragrant jam. I make it with grape seeds -yeah, don't strain and throw away skin and bones! Us women-it's just necessary, because the use of grape seed associated with a high content of vitamin E, as well as such biologically active compounds such as calcium and potassium, these are the three pillars which support our body. So.. starting to harvest?... it's easy!
Muscovy cake "Space Christmas"
191 - 240м 7
If someone haven't tried moscovie cakes, offer a recipe. Sure that you are indifferent will not stay. Its unique taste makes the difference, it just melts in your mouth.

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