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Soup black bean with bacon and prunes
235 - - -
That brings me to the end of my "Star week". The time passed quickly and it turned out that he was too little to share all the fun that I have. But it's not terrible. Finally, I want to offer you something quite extraordinary. It's a surprisingly harmonious soup and it looks nothing like what we usually do from the beans. The soft bean puree, smoked smell of bacon, the scent of thyme and the acidity of prunes merge into something divine. Definitely cook this soup in the oven. It takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it! I apologize for the delay, but 2 days starting from Saturday evening, the website for me was not available. Gave some error. And IU was able to log in even with another browser nor Opera, nor Safari are not supported.
Lamb ribs in Korean
193 - 80м 6
This way the marinade is prepared for the first time. The combination of Apple and soy sauce gave an Oriental taste to the dish. And, of course, the wine "sherry" made the meat soft and juicy.
Ajo Blanco cold Spanish almond soup
186 - - -
And here is my surprise bonus.. we are still cold, only 15 degrees Celsius and the second day pours nasty cold pouring rain... the yard is nasty, wet and chilly ( ( ( But somewhere because warm and even hot, sometimes very hot. And in the heat so I want something easy, cold and refreshing, right? For everyone who was exhausted by the heat, this recipe. Ajoblanco is eaten all over Spain but I was born this delicious soup in two regions - Extremadura and Andalusia, where he began his winning streak in the country. And in the heat there is probably no dish that better and satisfy the hunger, and at the same time did not leave the feeling of heaviness.
Chicken with vegetables in Oriental style
170 - - 4
Simple and very tasty.
"Underdog" from the liver of poultry in a sauce of port wine
149 - 30м 3
As always in my menu-quick, tasty and healthy)
Chakhokhbili chicken with wine
147 3 - -
Chakhokhbili, prepared with the addition of wine, can decorate any holiday table!

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