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What to cook from Heck more

Rolls of hake
483 - - -
I bring to Your attention the recipe is very gentle rolls of the heck!
Heck in tomatoes
277 3 - -
Today I have a super fishing day! The first is my favorite Yulkin fish bag. By the way, comrades, please note, yummy unusual!))) And the second heck. One goose with apples, one chicken with pineapples, and we have hake with tomatoes! Delicious!
Fish with ham
220 4 30м 6
Great idea of cooking fish for someone who's not very fond of... Original and just perfectly delicious... give it a Try and the result will not disappoint you.
Fish sticks at home
166 5 30м -
Perhaps there are many fans of fish sticks and I am no exception, but the store to buy as you do not want, so I offer you a recipe very tasty, and most importantly homemade fish sticks. They are delicious either hot or cold. If you get too much then you can freeze it.
Hake fillet with lemon-honey glaze
155 - 50м -
Light and zesty hake fillet baked on vegetables. The dish interesting and delicious. Preparing easy, simple products. What else do you need for a romantic evening?
Hake in sweet and sour sauce with pickles
144 - 40м 4
Thawed hake. And he was too old... Just to fry - I think it was not. So I had to write. And as usual with salty cucumbers! Very tasty both hot or cold!

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