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Cake "Momofuku"
1.5k - - -
MOMOFUKU BIRTHDAY CAKE. As he said Christina Tossi, the author of this recipe and co-owner of pastry shop "Momofuku milk bar" in new York, this cake is associated with her childhood memories about "delrodarcon" cake: soft cupcake cakes (from a ready mix), lots of sprinkles, aroma vanillin. Cakes "Momofuku Milk Bar" have their own characteristics: 1 Cakes are baked in a baking sheet 29*20cm, then cut out and assembled into a 16cm form. 2. The outside of the cake is coated with cream 3. Streusel between the 4 cakes. Impregnation of cakes. This cake has a specific sweet and salty taste with a slight acidity.
Jewish rice in a bag
0.7k - 210м 6
Osh-Hult, Jewish rice in the bag, Bakhsh or green pilaf... This masterpiece belongs to the Bukharian Jews. It is believed that the Jews prepare this dish from Friday to Saturday because Saturday to work on Jewish customs is a sin. And there is a holiday version of "halladay SWOT", but I stayed casual. Bribed me, of course, the cooking method and the technology itself. Even though I made a few liberties, but the result is quite satisfied. But see for yourself.
Warm salad with chicken liver
0.5k 3 15м -
A delicious combination of pine nuts, liver and green grapes.
Cake "Opera mint"
479 - - -
A very delicious cake for those who love the combination of mint-chocolate. And not only for them! The peppermint flavor in this cake is so delicate that it is not dominant and adds a touch of sophistication to the cream. Cake from Olga –Sara from the Forum Niksya. For a basis it is taken Opera cake from Christopher Michalak. Recommend!
Custard tarts on oatmeal
434 - - 20
Custard tarts on oatmeal with strawberry souffle with no sugar. Delicious pastries from choux dough for oatmeal and vegetable oil. As toppings offer strawberry-protein souffle with honey.
423 - 90м 3
After reviewing all the recipes on the website, found only the classic versions with salmon, avocado, cucumber and similar ingredients. I want to show You different options of sushi and how to decorate. Will look like in the sushi bar!)).

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