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What to cook from Hell more

Crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar
1.2k - - -
Today I would like to tell You how to prepare for the winter delicious crunchy cucumbers, blanched in vinegar (without sterilization). The original recipe, and the marinade not need to cook: just enough to blanch the cucumbers in vinegar, add in a jar ingredients for marinade and pour boiling water. Watch my video and preservative along with me!
Salad "Wheel of fortune"
0.7k - - -
Well, VERY tasty salad!
Salad "Hunters at rest"
0.6k 3 10м 8
Very simple and easy salad, a favorite in my family. Bought ready in a plastic box of salad with an interesting name, the salad to taste like and since I'm doing it.
Salad "Martha"
0.6k - 30м 5
Wonderful, quick to prepare salad. Spicy dressing makes the salad is unusual. Nothing special, but tasty. In my opinion is a beautiful name! Try it!
Tender veal salad with red PEC
490 3 30м 4
Very tasty salad.
Meat rolls stuffed with plums and bacon
489 - 70м 8
Tasty, juicy and fragrant spring rolls of pork! Add fresh plum acidity, and smoked bacon will give the same tangy flavor! Will serve in a cream sauce with horseradish! Good by itself or with any side dish. Welcome to the table!

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