Cream of coconut

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Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet
394 - 40м 5
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet. An unusual ingredient coconut cream gives the soup a rich taste and nice texture.
Lenten chocolate cake "Pineapple-coconut"
158 - - -
This vegetable cake is a very unusual... the taste of tropical fruits and chocolate)) in my version of the cake for my taste it turned out malolatki and very juicy. A very unusual version)
Dessert "Chunga-Changa" with coconut yogurt
154 - - -
To be honest, I'm sorry to use yogurt for yeast from Oursson for cooking. Oh, they are very delicious and tender. Take and eat, take pleasure and benefit to the body! But – took a tug – try! Here, try to prepare this dessert – tropical-exotic sky, tender, delicious and cute! Yogurt it fresh, with lots of useful properties!
Cheesecakes of cottage cheese and potato bran
132 - - 17
Cheesecakes are my family and I love Breakfast. Try to do them different each time. We have cheesecakes from the remaining products.
Vegetable mousse cake "Blueberry clouds"
113 - 45м 8
Very gentle, refreshing, light, airy cake! It is absolutely lean! And prepared without baking.
Coconut dessert without baking
112 - 40м 4
Dessert of coconut cream with lime. Gluten-free Lenten recipe without baking. Almond-based and coconut-lime Jell-o is very fresh and delicious!

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