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What to cook from Chicory more

Puntarelle with anchovy sauce
420 - 20м 4
Puntarelle alla romana. Traditional Roman salad puntarelle – puntarella the sliced shoots with anchovies, garlic and olive oil. In Rome you can buy this salad in the late fall and winter.
Salad with pears and blue cheese
249 3 20м 2
To be honest, this salad not everyone likes. My men treat him with coolness. But all the familiar female from the salad without nuts.
Brew chicory
219 - 60м -
On the street periodically continues to walk the hot summer, and therefore, WE continue to experiment with soft drinks. Coffee and oatmeal kvass already prepared. Now make the drink more budget, get rid of taste of coffee and add a bit of acidity.
Pacific soup with squid
183 - - -
Recipe from John Warren. He cooked this soup in Vladivostok, which he visited recently. By the way, from the Far East, John was ecstatic. The soup interesting. And, even despite the fact that he had no potatoes, loved her husband. Only he doesn't understand what's in the soup. Says, kind of smells like fish, and fish can not find:))) This is one interesting soup!
Hot chicory drink for adults
176 - 5м 2
Once in the Epiphany night... I Suggest to try a hot beverage from chicory for adults. With A Holiday!
Sesame sticks from the beer test for beer
157 5 - -
Pardon the pun in the title... the Sticks are easy to prepare and delicious!

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