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What to cook from Candied more

Portuguese Christmas cake "Royal"
0.5k 4 120м 10
Traditional Portuguese Christmas cake. Are the pies in form and decoration resemble the headdresses of the Eastern kings, richly decorated with precious stones, or Christmas wreaths that adorn the doors of houses at Christmas time. Begin to bake and sell the pies since the beginning of December to the "Day of the Kings", 6 January. Recently, the pastry was invented another option: "Tsaritsyn pie", where replaced with all sorts of candied nuts.
Roskon of the Magi - Roscon de Reyes
354 5 90м -
January 6, Spain celebrates the Feast of the wise men or "Reyes Magos" ("the king of wizards"). He is considered the main year children's holiday. Day of the Magi, completed in Spain Christmas and new year celebrations. The meal must end with a cake called "roscón", baked in a ring shape and decorated with colorful candied fruit. They say they represent the gems that sparkled on the clothing of the Magi. For the contest "new year tastes of the planet"
Cake "Potato-tree" chocolate
296 - - -
Cake "Potatoes"-takes a worthy place among a wide variety of desserts! Methods of cooking beloved childhood dessert-very diverse. Ahead of the Christmas holidays-help "potatoes" in the form of fabulous Christmas trees! Cake is prepared quickly and entertainingly, form the usual dessert in the form of an "herringbone" Soglasiye chocolate, decorate with candy sprinkles! Cake "potatoes"in a herringbone pattern, will adorn the Christmas tea!!!
Candy "A La Pyatigorchanka"
286 - 30м 10
Pyatigorsk confectionery factory has released our favorite candy "Pyatigorchanka". In 13 years of living in Germany really missed this taste. Decided to cook themselves. The result exceeded all expectations.
269 4.5 60м 10
A quick and easy recipe for delicious biscuits flavored with citrus notes. For a basis took the recipe OKSANы a Cookie "Children's garden"
Portuguese pumpkin cake "Bolo Mimoso"
258 - - -
So today we have Bolo de abóbora ou "bolo mimoso". So long and complicated name of this absolutely delicious pie. I made it to Marishkina prom. I would not say that it pumpkin. He's not from the pumpkin, and the pumpkin. I would call it "Almond orange cake with pumpkin"! However, the recipe is so famous and popular that it was even included in the book "100 best recipes. The masterpieces of cooks of the world". In short, a classic, and hence, nothing can not be changed, including the name. The multicomponent recipe, ingredients in a cake a lot, and cooking I would not call easy, at least it's not fast. In General, pie is not simple, but... you won't regret a single moment of wasted time and effort, as soon as the bite and the first bite! Pie is just fantastic! Air almond paste, soaked with an orange syrup, cinnamon, juicy slices of pumpkin and all this on a crispy shortbread crust! Here's a long preamble, but I can't describe this cake in two words, two words do not say anything and not Express my delight. But, not so devil as he is painted, let's get us!

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