What to cook from Zucchini more

Salad "Babylon"
0.6k - 20м -
Delicious, spicy, hearty but not heavy... the dish looks very attractive, and I want to try it!
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
467 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Burgers "hi 90-m"
403 3 30м 6
Economical meat dish, but at the same time - juicy and delicious!!! THE IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE!!! after the adjustment of ANY products, little bit similar to meat, you CAN cook SOMETHING, even VERY edible, adding or "diluting" the minced meat with vegetables... In the 90s to "maloyed nome stuffing" we added onions, beets, potatoes, carrots, etc. vegetables, observing, of course, some proportion. Today I add FAVORITE VEGETABLES to JUICY burgers, but grateful ". s" menu and economical "science" hungry 90th...!
Stuffed vegetables with caps
395 4 90м -
Looks nice on the table
Salmon cream soup
368 5 40м 4
Soup with creamy fish flavor and rich creamy texture.
Chile sin carne
366 - - -
Chile - a famous dish with a very confusing history. Traditionally, chowder chile con carne (i.e. "peppers with meat") was born in Mexico, and from there moved to the United States and became a national dish - in particular, the official national dish of Texas. But if you will be traveling to Mexico, you won't find any Chile - neither CON nor SIN ("no") carne. Classic chili (which "CON") is half meat. But the second half is vegetables! And if it is, this vegetable half, "strengthen" and properly cook, backed by spice and a good oil, it will turn out just delicious, not inferior to Chile from beef. The site already has recipe for chili sin carne but Natasha's dish is cooked as the second, hot, and Chile - it's still soup... very thick, but the soup. At least in the U.S. he serves in that capacity.

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