Powder tomato

What to cook from Powder tomato more

A thick soup with lentils and walnuts
168 - 20м 2
Delicious, healthy soup suitable for baby food and vegetable or dietary. Very rich taste, recommend to try!
The stomachs of duck in sweet and sour sauce
132 - 65м 3
I suggest you cook for dinner is a dainty dish of duck gizzards stewed with carrots and celery under the fragrant sauce made from tomato juice with soybean sauce and Apple notes. And perfect as a separate dish, and paired with a side dish (rice or potato puree)
Vegetable pancakes with horseradish cream
127 - 30м 4
Bake for a change colored pancakes. Use your favorite vegetables. For contrast, I took the spinach and beets. Pancakes are attracted not only by color but also taste. The sauce complements its piquancy!
Chicken baked with mushrooms and chickpeas
120 - 80м 3
Offer to decorate a dining table in the first day of spring is wonderful, juicy and flavorful chicken, which is nicely complemented by an interesting side dish. The recipe author.
Medallions of Turkey in a tomato sauce
107 - 25м 3
Very fragrant, tasty, moderately thick tomato gravy with tender Turkey meat and rice Indica!
Kebab in the pan with fragrant sauce
106 - 30м 2
Pork kebabs with herbs with tomato-soy sauce with onions, tomatoes and Italian herbs. Very tasty, I recommend!

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