Pine nut oil

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Watermelon salad with feta cheese
286 - 15м -
A refreshing salad with an unforgettable sweet salty taste.
Pork with cucumbers and brown rice
154 - - 2
Long ago this recipe was in my bookmarks, bothered fried pickles... But in the end I liked it - it was delicious, spicy and hearty dish! Try it ;)
Buckwheat buns "From Siberia with love"
146 - - -
From ancient times to the present day buckwheat remains one of the favorite among the people of dishes of Russian national cuisine. Its popularity we have is not accidental. Buckwheat is a healthy dietary product. When growing it does not need any chemicals, it's probably the only cereal that is grown without fertilizers, because of its environmental friendliness, you can be sure. Buckwheat is popular in many Nations, including from Shors - indigenous people of Southern Siberia. Near our city is a picturesque place of Siberia - Mountain Shoria! Indigenous people of this area called Shor. Very original people, preserved to this day their culture and customs. Today I have some muffins, the recipe of which I took a national Shor bread. And of course, made a note of modernity, yet the 21st century
Rice with broccoli Chinese
132 - - -
In this dish I first tried fish sauce. Unusual, of course, on the fan, but spicy and interesting. In Asian cuisine, this sauce is often used. However, if you can't find fish sauce or is he really not to your taste, then add the hot butter to the onions finely chopped anchovies or a slice of herring. Try it ;)
Chocolate oat candy
112 - 15м 4
It turned out amazingly delicious chocolates without its share of chocolate. But the taste of bitter chocolate with a very interesting structure from Hercules TM "Mistral"! Yummy unusual, very delicious served with a Cup of morning coffee. Even my husband did not understand that they are made without the chocolate and was eating for both cheeks!
Tortillas with cumin
110 - 60м -
Fragrant tortillas with cumin very well with barbecue. To prepare them it is necessary more - they instantly disappear.

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