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What to cook from Savory more

Ear and Lek
279 4.5 30м 8
Aromatic ushytsia from calves with spicy sauce. You can cook adult and children at the same time.
My pilaf
276 4 70м -
Someone said, "Pilaf cooks only one who has a head does not cook!"... My family love risotto with chicken, but for the first time today I decided to cook it with pork. It turned out very well: the meat is tender, nothing worse than a favorite chicken....
Pasties with beans
194 - - -
Pasties are loved by all! Always desirable, but what if the time to fast? It's very simple –to replace the meat filling lean, for example, bean. Get hearty and very tasty!
187 - 16м 16
Well, my little lovers of sweets.. let me introduce.. my first time, so if you have criticism to voice.
Lentils in Bulgarian
174 - 60м 4
French green lentils has a bright spicy flavor and aroma, not mushy. Bulgarians eat lentils often, it is called in Bulgaria "bream", pronounced as [Léshta]. Try to cook this simple recipe, you'll be surprised how delicious it is!
Leg of lamb baked
156 5 60м 6
What could be more delicious baked mutton? try. Gifts to women on March 8.

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