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What to cook from Cherry more

Cake "Paul Robeson"
378 - 120м 8
I have reviewed a lot of recipes on different cooking sites. Saw the recipe with the same name, but it is not so, in my recipe instead of cocoa powder used ground cherry. I got this recipe at a young age from her sister. All my friends come on holiday with the hope to enjoy this delicacy. After the feast, there is no one piece and regret that few got. Try, do everything strictly by the recipe and you will not regret it.
Black cherry pie
278 - - -
Very light cake, which is an incredible combination of flavor of black cherry, caramel flavour of cane sugar and tender sour cream. This recipe I presented as a gift to my bestie on the website Renature Rencha1. By the way, dried ground cherry, produced in Novosibirsk, was sent to me Renae. Therefore, the cake has such a name, peeped me on the pack of this delicacy.
Cake "my Tenderness"
194 - - -
Delicious, interesting and very simple cake with the addition of cherry in the batter. Delicate, fragrant and light sponge cake with a layer of dried apricots and custard cream with the addition of citrus notes. This humble gift you want to present the birthday of two wonderful cooks : Pokusaeva Olya and Natasha LNataly.
Homemade cherry pie
185 - 50м 4
The recipe for this cake I found on the packaging of bird-cherry flour. The cake turns out very juicy and tender, sponge cake, thanks to one ingredient is incredibly airy and light. This recipe is not yet on the website. To cook very easily. The cherry taste and smell is from my childhood. Who have never tasted this cake, he lost a lot.
Cherry – strawberry cake
160 - 80м 8
Siberian fragrant dessert, the rich taste it with a delicate nutty notes of almond and fresh strawberries with sour cream custard.
Shanezhki with ground cherries
156 - - -
Today for you shanezhki, Zabaykalsky stuffing - with ground cherries. Oh, and tasty, very I like! Aromatic sweet cherry filling and a dough. Yes, the sour cream crust. I will smear the cherry on top-that doesn't dry out in the oven, not bitter then. Take up sanico-and she brenica Taka, round, fluffy Yes fragrant. Will drink some tea, then bleached, Yes to milk something out of the package, where as with the good!

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