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379 4.5 90м 6
ASAC. Along with plov, manti and kebab is one of the most respected In Afghanistan dishes. Usually cook with the whole family, like the dumplings we have in the old days in the villages of Siberia. And to me, the Russian mistress, enough 2 hours to feed and please your family. Oddly enough, even the kids love it. Oh, and I forgot to say, preparing it, almost like dumplings, but the filling I would suggest wild garlic, and if not the season, and the leeks are perfect. Can you imagine how many vitamins! So, go ahead to the kitchen!..
Pasties with djusai and garlic
335 3 - -
In fact, I hesitated to post this recipe, because the topic of pasties quite jaded on our website. But continuing communication with the "Cook" for quite some time, I have never seen such pasties, even though this recipe will not change for many years, our family has regarded these pasties. Guess that's Dungan kitchen because gusai also called "Dungan garlic", and it is very common in Dungan cuisine. Now, when just a season jusa and young garlic, I suggest to try the pasties with them. I'm sure my version will appeal to all lovers of pasties.
Salad "Chip"
294 4 20м 4
Borrowed this recipe on a cooking website, not remember its name. But remember a pleasant, unusual taste.
Salad "New Vasyuki"
260 3 30м 4
Meat salad
"Meat pockets" on the coals
242 - - -
Very tasty and beautiful dish for meat lovers! And also, it is an interesting alternative to the usual barbecue.
Vegetable dumplings with wild garlic
172 - - -
Many people like manti! In the post we can not give up favorite dishes. Recipes for this dish very much. Let me offer my version: Manty with pumpkin and leeks instead of meat and beans, and the dough is kneaded with turmeric. Fragrant, delicious and very satisfying!

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