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Kórnik in spring style
0.7k - 180м 10
Kórnik layer cake with pancakes and different fillings. Pie for special occasions, something to cook it takes time. But this pie is worth it. I've watched and finally made it. Resultim very happy. Recommend.
Cake "Chuao"
385 - - -
This is a recipe from Pierre Herme that I have found have Niksia. One of the most brilliant, perfect cakes, which I did. And one of the most simple and quick to prepare – come and see.
Cake "Josephine"
315 - 160м 10
A La cake "Napoleon". I love this cake, I always bought it in the store "Luciano," this time I decided to do it myself. He recalls the cake "Napoleon". Very easy to implement, and contains a minimum of ingredients. The recipe is very detailed and divided in all stages. Thank you for your attention))
Greek ginger brew "Zizinia"
294 - 30м 8
Who visited Corfu (Kerkyra), he certainly tried there traditional local soft drink Zizabona (or zinziber. It is believed that the recipe for ginger lemonade was brought to the island by the British during their rule of Corfu. Greek zizabona literally translated as ginger beer or ginger ale. But, in fact, zinziber is ginger lemonade (and in fact — brew), refreshing soft drink. The Greek beverage of ginger quenches thirst, stunning the taste buds sharp ginger spice and lemon freshness
Orange-almond cake without flour
284 - - -
Yummy cupcake from Nina–Niksya. Bake for the second time in two weeks. Simple and fast to do. Gorgeous, bright, velvety taste with a delicate, a bit structure. Suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Highly recommend because it was good.
Orange Sweetness Eat And Drink-Chew
225 - 10м 1
Delicious orange juice with slices of pear

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