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Air berry cake-meringue
0.6k - 170м 7
Delicious cake-meringue with creamy custard and berries.
Fruit salad in pomelo
297 - - 5
Pomelo Latin sounds as Citrus maxima. That is, this huge citrus enough for a big company. But if to make him a salad bowl, then it will fit at least 4 servings of delicious, colourful fruit salad! But this is what you need for Christmas dessert! And this is my hundredth recipe :-) I can't believe!
Pie "Flowering may"
284 - 60м 8
The Great Victory Day! Remember the Alps, remembers Vienna and the Danube... Pie for the holiday - shortbread with sour cream, blueberries and strawberries - just blotches of berries in a white fill and reminded me of the flowering gardens outside the window... help yourself, dear, happy holidays!
Pear pie with lavender
251 - - -
Wonderful Swiss cake. Probably, for many, is not customary. But believe me, very fragrant and delicate. The main thing - not to overdose.
Blueberry pie
244 - - -
To put this recipe convinced me was my husband. I was not very pleased with the appearance of the pie... sorry. But the appearance did not affect palatability. And the pie is wonderful, fragrant and delicious.
Galeta on trubna test
228 - 70м 4
Great pastries to start the day. A delicate crispy pastry, sweet berry fruit and a delicate cream filling on the layer. The dough for biscuits universal, suitable for savoury options.

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