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What to cook from Chorizo more

294 - 100м -
How do you feel about meat pies?? Rather to the cake with spicy sausage... I make a very delicious pie "Hornet". This cake baked for Easter in Spain. Yeast dough, meat filling and boiled eggs...
Beans Mexican "Frijoles the Charros"
207 - 50м -
With the onset of autumn always want to enjoy a hearty hot dish. Offer you to travel a bit and to try the spicy Mexican soup with beans.
Braised chicken with vegetables and chorizo
170 - - 2
We often eat chicken meat. It is tasty, useful and not troublesome to prepare. I want to show you another uncomplicated and a very pleasant chicken dish.
Pea soup with chorizo
168 - 125м 4
Pea soup with chorizo is a favorite soup in our family. He was particularly good in the winter - hearty and warming. In the absence of chorizo, you can take bacon or pork would also be delicious!
Puchero in Andalusian
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Pochero (puchero) – Spanish thick hot pea soup, originally belonging to the cuisines of Andalusia and the Canary Islands, has spread also in the traditional cuisines of Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, the Philippines, in short, in Spanish-speaking countries. Puchero Andalusian style prepared as a first course. Puchero in the Canary variant is closer to roast. This Spanish pea soup is cooked by a special culinary recipe with dumplings of pork and lard. In Spanish puchero is the pot or the pot used for cooking this dish. Peas harvested in the evening to he gone soft for the night. The vegetables are roasted, as meat, sausage-and-balls, ham and bacon together make the broth is quite fatty and rich.
Lentil soup with chorizo
156 5 40м 4
This Spanish soup called "La sopa de lentejas con chorizo," or "La sopa de los pobres", which means soup for the poor.

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